DarkBrain 2019: the return to R-rated

When reality destroys fantasy

After a couple of years of stagnancy, I have finally come upon what I want to do with DarkBrain. My prior approach to writing has uncomfortably brushed up against the a cold reality of today in America that I just didn't really understand. The facts of the last few years show me that abusing people is far more accepted than I thought possible.

It is pervasive, it is disgusting, and it is supported by a shockingly high percentage of our population. As such, when I consider a fantasy piece that involves sexual assaults or similar themes, the content being R-rated works for me as it tells the difficult part of the story. But when that same scene goes into X-rated territory it jumps the shark and faceplants into a very nasty pile of stanky chum.

So, I want to step back and rebrand DarkBrain into something I can write for... it is a hobby, not a job, so there is literally nothing stopping me ... so 2019 is the time to do it.

DarkBrain has now stepped back from X-rated to R-rated

By moving DarkBrain back to the R-rated category (often called "mature" in the comic/graphic novel industry), and stepping away from hardcore X-rated work, I can make other changes that take me away from the problem I discussed above. So that's exactly what I've done with a purge of content and setting up some return of content that will be "retooled".

DarkBrain titles to survive

DarkBrain titles banished to the void:

Last chance to download (until January 22, 2019)

Most of the above titles can be downloaded at DriveThruComics until January 22, 2019, when they will be removed.

I'm extremely proud of all that work, but as they are currently produced, they do not fit the new 2019 vision of DarkBrain. I'll still retain all rights, and I never say "never" anymore, so who knows maybe some can be retooled and return. Also, I've found that having the unfinished titles in there is mostly irritating - I wanted to finish them but ran out of money. So one advantage is that on the site will only be material that is complete or that will be completed.

DarkBrain's future

For some of the surviving content, I'm going to explore adding back voice and music. The first step is to assess the new tools (Adobe Animate CC) which hopefully have been able to fill the void after Apple decided to destroy Flash and set back Internet multimedia content by a decade.

At the same time, the Boneeaters project will be green-lighted using the new format. This is a long-range project that you can follow along with as well. It will progress via the "How to write a GOOD story" project. So stay tuned!

Andrew Zar
December 23, 2018