Boneeaters: Vanishi story flow ideas

I did a quick flow chart using to see how this might work. So this takes the ideas in the prior blog and maps out how a few choices could lead to different storylines. So here I have four different scenes of the story and how they each have their own choices which also impact the potential scenarios.

As the reader makes choices, the story is created and uses those choices to adjust the events that happen and the person Vanishi becomes. At the end of this chapter, there are many possible scenarios such as Vanishi being a trusted Shra loyalist, or a Lamm traitor, or a mercenary with no allegiance. But any of those scenarios may or may not be achievable based on choices.

As an example, perhaps the mercenary option is only available if you picked The Observer storyline. But spy or traitor could happen from any of the three options. And with any story path you took, depending on other choices you make, Vanishi’s personality is molded. Is she a ruthless and brutal leader? Or is she more thoughtful and only does what is necessary to achieve her goals?

Worthy results?

Looking at this (admittedly simple) flow, does the concept hit the mark? Could each of the scenarios at the end of the chapter be a good story to tell? I think it does. I think each scenario could be compellingly written and interesting.

And, more importantly, I think the process leads to an unique Vanishi who acts in our “main storyline” in specific ways that will have dramatic consequences on the Boneeaters story. A ruthless Vanishi will not hesitate to take over the mission if she decides Nate and/or Kennedy are failing. A thoughtful Vanishi would probably take a more reserved approach, but by doing so, could have a larger impact late in the story itself.

At this moment in time, the exploration is working for me. I am still liking the idea…!

-Andrew Zar