This is my new focus and project for now. It started as a “How to Write” piece, but evolved into it’s own thing. This project I intend to take my time with and have fun. This is a challenge for the obsessive Andrew as taking things slow is not a normal experience for me šŸ˜‰

Latest blog posts on Boneeaters:

  • Boneeaters: Vanishi story flow ideas
    I did a quick flow chart using to see how this might work. So this takes the ideas in the prior blog and maps out how a few choices could lead to different storylines. So here I have four different scenes of the story and how they each have their own choices which also
  • Boneeaters: Goals for impact of reader choices
    My objective of giving the reader consequential choices is to shape the story.  The success of the (individualized) story itself will be if, reading it from start to finish, the flow is strong, impactful, and interesting.  Can each path lead to a story that is built in a way that the story stands alone and
  • Boneeaters: Early Vanishi background and choices brainstorm
    Now, time to explore the character progression model for Boneeaters.  Iā€™m going to start with the idea of using OCEAN as I had blogged about before and also if the reader had selected Vanishi.  So, let’s create a rough and dirty (start to a) plotline for the Vanishi backstory.  This would be one of several
  • Boneeaters: Chapter 1 – Arrival
    Sometimes pure fun takes over, since I had this in my head, felt it was worth just belting it out and then getting back to the story construction.  Here is my concept for the very first introduction sequence on the Boneeaters website ā€“ an animated comic to introduce people to the story and their first
  • Boneeaters: Using psychology models for writing stories
    When creating a story and making characters, you build each character’s personality profile, and (hopefully) your story unfolds in a way that the character’s actions and choices feel “true” and in line with the profile you made for them (either because they followed their traits or made an effort to change). For me, the better