Much of DarkBrainComics restored!

I was able to take a big bite out of restoring content to Twelve series were put up with a total of 2,200+ pages of free content and over 5 hours of free video! It really feels like the old DarkBrain is getting the celebration I wanted it to have and to make content available to anyone.

Titles restored: Mirror/Mirror, Church of One/Two, Columbia’s Underbelly, Locked Out, Envoy 82, Grace Comes Home, God Play, Too Important, Zeopatra, Pissy Pussy, Sexy Sundays with Pissy Pussy, Haunting Ivy, and The Butcher. I also put up The Vat, but that one is in bad shape technically, still, it is such an emotional title for me that I wanted it up there too.

I kept a few titles, mostly volume 2s of a couple of series, totaling another 3,000+ pages of content for sale just to help with costs to run the server. But, probably more interestingly, there are several titles I did not return as they either were unfinished and in a state of not having “enough” to be presented, or fully completed by just a little too “deranged” for modern times.

SORTAN-VALTA is a good example. This is the clear winner of “most deranged” I ever got with a story. It was intended to be that way, and was meant as a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the fantasy construct “destiny” – but after a good walk-through, yeah, probably should just keep that one in the closet. Rashida is another, but I’ll save my observations on that for another blog.

Was a bit of effort to push all this out fast, but I wanted the site to have some teeth if people came back to see it, and I think it does now. And I am so happy to be able to put bylines on every piece so those who worked on these comics get their shout-outs!

And it feels… amazing. It is nice to be past the “identity crisis” phase of trying to figure out what DarkBrainComics was supposed to be. Now it exists as intended, warts and all. I’m really happy with that. And the pure joy I felt in re-watching Locked Out, Zeopatra, The Vat, Church of One… damn, those were some of the best creative moments in my entire life.

So, what’s next for DarkBrainComics? I think I will blog a bit about the project itself. There are always a lot of stories behind the stories, and I intend to celebrate them – so let’s party!

-Andrew Zar