DarkBrain was started in 2009 to produce edgy webcomics with voice and music. Over several years, we produced a massive collection of work! Hundreds of artists participated, thousands of readers enjoyed, and boundaries of all kinds were explored and destroyed.

The project stopped producing comics a few years ago, but if you want to see any of the hundreds of comics DarkBrain has produced, hop over to https://www.darkbraincomics.com !

A tiny sample of art from DarkBrainComics

Latest blogs about DarkBrainComics:

  • Envoy 82: Plotlining from the end backwards
    This blog digs into the history of how Envoy 82 was created. This is a MASSIVE SPOILER blog post, and if you have not read the series, please do so first. It is free and quite fun, grab it here: https://darkbraincomics.com/envoy82.htm I began Envoy 82 well into DarkBrain’s run, so I had a few years
  • Much of DarkBrainComics restored!
    I was able to take a big bite out of restoring content to DarkBrainComics.com. Twelve series were put up with a total of 2,200+ pages of free content and over 5 hours of free video! It really feels like the old DarkBrain is getting the celebration I wanted it to have and to make content
  • Making DarkBrainComics free
    As a first step in my new direction for DarkBrain, I want to celebrate the work that we completed in the project so far. As such, I am going to open up a significant portion of our comics to be completely free. I will be updating darkbraincomics.com as this rolls out, and not duplicating posts
  • Resurfacing? Rejecting integration
    Looks like time to poke my head out and see what I want DarkBrain to be or become… One thing that I have decided – it is about “integration.” This is a term I heard in a career workshop when I discussed my comic projects (which I was clearly passionate about) vs my normal career