Resurfacing? Rejecting integration

Looks like time to poke my head out and see what I want DarkBrain to be or become…

One thing that I have decided – it is about “integration.” This is a term I heard in a career workshop when I discussed my comic projects (which I was clearly passionate about) vs my normal career (which I did not speak of in anywhere near the same passion). The suggestion was to try to integrate my passion into my career.

That sounded really interesting and I went down a path of considering it. In theory, if I could successfully tie my passion and my career together, the upside felt amazing. There were many challenges, however, because my main career is a service business. And when and how should a service business present anything -but- the services they offer?

So I spent some time mulling it over and weighing out if it was worth the risk to showcase more creativity in my career. Then the pandemic hit and necessity became the mother-f-er of … progress. I put my energy hardcore into my normal business and found a way to survive and thrive in the new reality.

Objectively speaking, however, DarkBrain was not a part of it. So reality showed me the way. DarkBrain is a creative outlet for me, not a career. This does jive with my efforts on DarkBrain over a decade ago. I took a serious stab at making it a real career, and that 100% did not work. If it didn’t work then, why would it work now?

So, I have settled into that DarkBrain is a hobby for me. I’m going to let that percolate and decide what it should be or become…

-Andrew Zar